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Hotelston Reservation System Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions are an integral part of the Hotelston Reservation System Agreement, signed between you and Hotelston. These Terms & Conditions apply to all Bookings made through the Hotelston Reservation System and to all members of your party. Please read them carefully, before proceeding with your Booking.

By clicking on the “I agree with terms & conditions” box, you accept that you are creating a legal agreement on the terms and conditions below, and that this agreement is valid and legally binding. If there is any part of this document that you do not fully understand, or if you have a query, please contact Hotelston before accepting it.

Hotelston reserves the right to modify these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice.


These Terms & Conditions are by and between Hotelston SL, hereinafter referred to as "Hotelston" and the other party "The Agent" (You).

Both parties agree the following:


In these Terms & Conditions the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings, unless the context otherwise requires:

“Agreement” is the Hotelston Reservation System Agreement, signed between Hotelston and the Agent, on the basis of which the Agent was granted the use of the Reservation System.

“Booking” means both requested and confirmed Booking or reservation for Products or Services made by the Agent.

“Booking Request” means the request by the Agent to Hotelston for a Booking or reservation of Products or Services.

“Booking Confirmation” means Hotelston’s confirmation of the Agent’s Booking Request.

“Reservation System” means the online system operated by Hotelston and accessible via Internet ( or via Hotelston API, which allows the Agent to search/consult, make booking requests, bookings for accommodation or any other Products or Services offered by Hotelston.

“API” means the application program interface developed by Hotelston which conforms to the specification in order to enable an authorized third party, namely the Agent, to use SOAP/XML/JSON or any other interface to access the Reservation System from the software or service developed and/or operated by the Agent or Agent’s technical partner.

“Reservation Process” means Hotelston’s booking procedures available via the Reservation System which the Agent must follow in order to make Bookings.

“Products or Services” means any accommodation (at the hotels, villas, apartments etc.) product and/or service, sightseeing, transfers, car hire, rail tickets and theater tickets, and/or other relevant ancillary products or services offered for sale/to book via the Reservation System.

“Accommodation Services” means the provision of sheltered overnight accommodation for a fee in appropriately equipped rooms, including at least a bed, offered as a main service to tourists (hotels, villas, apartments, etc.). The provision of overnight sheltered accommodation may include the provision of food services, fitness activities, entertainment and other.

“Transfer services” means transport of one or more passengers from pick-up to drop-off addresses/points. Transfer can be: (a) private, when vehicle(s) and driver(s) are exclusively reserved for one transfer booking only and will at least stop at the confirmed pick-up and drop-off locations; or (b) shared, when one or more seats in a vehicle with driver are booked and the vehicle will stop at least at all the meeting points and destinations that are confirmed to the passengers in the same vehicle.

“Transportation Service” means a part of Products or Services that provides or assists in obtaining various types of transportation for traveling needs. Transportation Services include but are not limited to: flight, ferry, railway, bus, car rental and transfer services.

“Access Code” means an email address and password used to access the Hotelston Reservation System.

“FIT” means Fully Independent Travel products or services sold by Hotelston to the Agent.

“Prices” means the prices offered by Hotelston for the sale of Products or Services by Hotelston to the Agent and displayed to the Agent on the Hotelston Website or Reservation System.

“Package Rate” means a price for a Product or Service that is offered and valid only when booked together with Transportation Service.

“Package Booking” means offer/booking of multiple travel Products or Services which must include Transportation Service and another Product or Service accounting for the significant proportion of the package.

“Special Booking Terms” means any special conditions, booking remarks, terms or information about the products or services as notified to the Agent either during the Reservation Process or otherwise by Hotelston.

“Cancellation Policy” means special rules, set out by Hotelston or/and the Supplier, that apply to the Agent in case of cancellation of a corresponding Booking. Cancellation policies apply for each Booking and may be different for each product or product type, service or service type, supplier, dates of travel etc.

“Free Cancellation Deadline” means the date by which the Booking may be cancelled without being liable to pay a penalty. The Free Cancellation Deadline is specified in Cancellation Policy.

“Cancellation Penalty” means a penalty indicated in Cancellation Policy and payable by the Agent upon cancellation of a corresponding Booking. Such penalty is intended to cover losses incurred by Hotelston and/or its Supplier as a result of Booking cancellation.

“Sub-agent” means the Agent’s sub-agents, agents or trade customers.

“Client” means the end user or person using Products or Services.

“Voucher” is defined in section 9 of these Terms & Conditions.

“Website” means pages or a related group of pages which are linked together using the hypertext transfer protocol (“http”) located at

“Supplier” means anyone who provides products or services to Hotelston.

“NET price” means that the full amount is payable for Product or Service.

“Service-start” means the date and time when the execution of Service is started: in case of accommodation services it means check-in date; in case of transfer and car-rental services it means pick-up date and time, in case of flight, train, bus, tours or similar it is departure date and time; in case of events it means start of event date and time; etc.

“Service-end” means the date and time when the execution of Service is completed: in case of accommodation services it means check-out date; in case of transfer and car-rental services it means drop-off date and time, in case of flight, train, bus, tours or similar it is arrival date and time; in case of events it means end of event date and time; etc.

“Force Majeure Events” means events over which parties of these Terms & Conditions has no control, such as fire, earthquake, flood, substantial snowstorm, abnormal weather conditions, epidemic, explosions, strikes, riot, civil disturbance, lockout or industrial dispute or governmental or regulatory authority action, war, act of God, power cuts and communication network failures, and etc.


In order to purchase Hotelston Products or Services, the Agent shall make the Booking Request in the Reservation System. Once the Booking Request has been submitted, the Reservation System will automatically confirm it and send a confirmation email message to the email address provided by the Agent. Only when Hotelston confirms Booking Request, it becomes a definitive Booking not requiring Hotelston reconfirmation. The corresponding Booking Request is not considered to be confirmed or cancelled, until the Hotelston confirmation email message is received.

Booking Request, also requests to amend or cancel the Booking cannot be accepted by telephone.

It is the Agent’s responsibility to read the Special Booking Terms accompanying any Booking, Booking request, amendment, confirmation, cancellation or information otherwise brought to the Agent’s attention by Hotelston and to ensure the Agent and his Client is aware of all points affecting responsibilities of the Agent and his Client. The Agent will be liable for any charges or fees specified in Special Booking Terms of the corresponding Bookings the Agent or his Sub-agents make or attempt to make via Reservation System or otherwise.

Please note that each Booking must have all Client names mentioned in full. The name entered first will automatically be assigned as lead name. Please state all names as written in the passport to ensure a smooth check-in. For many cities in the USA, above all for Las Vegas and New York City, all Client names are mandatory based on requirements of the local or national authorities. In case not all names are specified in full, the Supplier or service provider may cancel your booking without prior notification. It is the Agent’s responsibility to check the Client’s details carefully before confirming a Booking as incorrect details may result in cancellation of the Booking.

Please note that all Accommodation service Suppliers on the Hotelston Reservation System requires one of the clients to be at least 18 years old. In some states of the United States of America there are higher age limits. If you have booked accommodation in the United States and the clients are under 25 years of age, please contact the Supplier directly for clarification. This is fully the Agent’s responsibility and Hotelston will not take any responsibility for violation of these policies.


In most cases Booking amendments can be made through the Hotelston Reservation System. If it is not possible to make an amendment of the corresponding Booking on Hotelston Reservation System, the Agent must contact Hotelston by sending an email with an amendment request to the Hotelston customer support (see section Contact Details) before the Cancellation deadline of the specific Booking. Hotelston shall not process any of Agent’s requests made by phone. If the Agent notifies Hotelston of cancellation without complying with the above-mentioned conditions, the order shall be considered as not to have been canceled and the original status of Bookings will be deemed accurate and applicable for all purposes, including charges and payments obligations.

Any amendments may be subject to new prices and new Special Booking Terms. In certain cases, name or any other changes are not permitted and the Booking may need to be cancelled and rebooked and new prices may apply.

Booking amendments can only be dealt with when requested by the Agent to Hotelston and are not processed if such request is received directly from the Client. If the Agent makes amendments to the Booking directly with one of Hotelston Suppliers, the Agent may still be charged under the terms of confirmed Booking.

If amendments have been made directly with the Product or Service provider, the Agent should send to Hotelston the confirmation of the amendment in writing. Hotelston will try to do his best in order to change the Booking, but the confirmation of required amendments is not guaranteed because it depends on the policy of the Supplier.

If amendment is done by Agent or Client directly with the Product or Service provider, without informing Hotelston, any complaints and/or claims for financial compensation to Hotelston will not be accepted.


Bookings can be cancelled directly on the Reservation System prior to the Service-start date. If not, cancellations must be sent in writing by email to Hotelston Customer Support (see section Contact Details), detailing the Booking number, service name and passenger name. Hotelston will send an acknowledgement of receipt and inform of all the charges, if any, which may be applicable.

When making a Booking Request, the Reservation System always provides the Cancellation Policy and Special Booking Terms which apply for the requested Product or Service. The Free Cancellation Deadline specified in Cancellation Policy will be also provided together with Booking Confirmation, except when it is provided by Hotelston later (after receiving notice from the Supplier). Cancellations made before the Free Cancellation Deadline will not be charged. Cancellations made on and after the Free Cancellation Deadline will be subject to the Cancellation Penalty specified in Cancellation Policy.

Some of the Products or Services may not have a Free Cancellation Deadline and the Cancellation Penalty applies once the Booking is made. The Agent confirms to be aware that in case such Booking is confirmed and cancelled afterwards, charges will apply. This kind of Bookings as well as cancellation policies are often referred to as non-refundable or non-ref.

Any requests for cancellation on or after the Booking Service-start date must be sent to Hotelston Customer Support (see section Contact Details), which will inform you regarding any penalties that may be applied. Hotelston will charge the Cancellation Penalty as per Supplier‘s policy, which can vary up to 100% of the amount of the Booking.

In case the Supplier or the provider of the Product or Service confirms directly to the Client or the Agent the cancellation free of charge after the Free cancellation deadline, the Agent must present a written confirmation of free cancellation from the Supplier or the provider of the Product or Service. This written confirmation does not guarantee a refund of the Cancellation Penalty, but Hotelston will do best to reduce or waive the Cancellation Penalty completely. Regardless, Hotelston has the right to charge the Agent as per the Booking Cancellation policy.

When the Agent cancels the Booking, "cancellation pending" status in the Reservation System may be displayed for a while, which means that the information about the cancellation has not yet been received by the Supplier. In cases when Agent cancels the Booking one working day before Free Cancellation Deadline and the Booking status "cancellation pending" appears, it is Agent’s responsibility to call the Hotelston emergency line and inform about urgent cancellation in order to avoid Cancellation Penalty.

It is the Agent‘s responsibility to cancel Bookings made at Hotelston Reservation System in case it is no longer required.

No show by the Agent‘s Client at the Product or Service supplier in due time without prior notice shall be considered a cancellation.

Occasionally Suppliers or service providers report Hotelston about the errors in their cancellation policies. In such cases Hotelston reserves the right to modify the terms of Cancellation Policy applied for the Agent even after the confirmation of a Booking. The Agent will be informed about such modifications by email.

Hotelston reserves at its absolute discretion the right to cancel Agent’s Bookings if they appear to have been made for the purpose of “holding space” for future sale or otherwise made in bad faith or contrary to these Terms & Conditions and/or the Agreement.


Generally, Products or Services are non-refundable after Service-strat, even if it is used only partially.

If the Client fails to show up at the Supplier the due date and/or time and does not advise Hotelston and Supplier of the same, the remaining portion of the Booking may be cancelled without further notice. Unless specified otherwise, the Agent may not receive a refund for all or part of the booking in the event of "no show".


Unless otherwise stated, all prices shown in the Reservation System are NET and deemed to be definitive at the moment of confirmation. Prices of Products or Services are subject to change until the Booking is confirmed. Bookings will be invoiced for the sum confirmed on the Reservation System. In all cases, the Price quoted includes those Products or Services and Special Booking Terms as specified on the Voucher generated automatically by the Hotelston Reservation System and/or during the Reservation Process.

Prices of Products or Services do not include any additional fees imposed by the supplier for cribs, rollaway beds, baggage fees, gratuities, meals and beverages, mini-bar, snacks, shows, tours, tips, telephone calls, liquor, laundry, car seats, GPS devices, and other surcharges or other services and purchases of a personal and/or supplementary nature which are not otherwise specified in the quoted prices or which are excluded from the price. The Supplier will assess these additional fees, charges, and surcharges directly to the Client. All personal charges must be paid at the time of service or as designated by the Supplier.

Prices shown in the Reservation System exclude any transaction fees or bank charges, which may occur depending on the payment method chosen by the Agent (credit card, online banking or other online payments). Prices also exclude any government or authority taxes payable locally e.g. tourist/local/ecology/city tax.

Hotelston reserves the right to vary Prices after confirmation has been given only in the case of variations in VAT or other applicable taxes, or other conditions beyond Hotelston’s control, such as exchange rate variations in excess of 3%, changes in the periods of trade fair events by hotels or similar situations.

Hotelston has a right to change Prices unilaterally or cancel Bookings after wrong publications on the Reservation System which contain obvious erroneous mistakes in prices and/or descriptions.

In case the Booking is for Accommodation Services prices quoted are per room. For Transfer Services prices are quoted per vehicle (if transfer is private) or per person (if transfer is shared).


Package Rates may be made available to the Agent for Bookings made via Reservation System. Package Rates are clearly marked as such in Reservation System and must be properly identified by the Agent during the Reservation Process

Hotelston may cease to offer Package Rates at any time by providing an email notification to the Agent.

The Agent is not allowed to display nor make available or offer Package Rates to the Client except as part of a Package Booking. Separation of the Package Rate in the pricing of Package Booking is only allowed if such pricing is not visible at any time to the Client during the booking, confirmation and/or after confirmation processes.

In addition, Hotelston may from time to time require the Agent at its own cost to demonstrate its ongoing compliance with the requirements of this section. In this case upon a written request (paper or email) from Hotelston the Agent is committed to send copies of Client booking confirmations, vouchers and invoices, booking details and give access to such other information, systems and/or documentation as is reasonably necessary to demonstrate the Agent’s compliance. Failure to permit such audit shall be deemed a breach of this section.

In case the Accommodation Service provider decides that the terms of Package Rate were not fulfilled, it has an indisputable right to demand the Client to pay the difference between Package Rate and standard Accommodation Service rate for the services provided. The dispute regarding this discrepancy shall be resolved solely between the Agent and Client, though the Agent has a right to submit the claim to Hotelston in order to start the investigation regarding the possible breach of this section.

If the Agent is in breach of any of these above-mentioned obligations, Hotelston may restrict access to Package Rates. Hotelston will notify the Agent by email about any such possible breach and allow the Agent two (2) working days to remedy such breach. If the Agent does not remedy such breach within two (2) working days, Hotelston may restrict access to Package Rates immediately and indefinitely.


Vouchers can be emailed from or downloaded at the Hotelston Reservation System. Voucher issued by Hotelston is proof of a Booking and represents the right of the Client to use the Products or Services strictly as specified in the Voucher in terms of Supplier, period of services and type of Products or Services.

All and any extras/alterations to the Products or Services specified in the Voucher are at Client‘s sole discretion.

The Client is obliged to present a Voucher before the usage of the Product or Service. In case the Client is not able to present the Voucher, this may cause the Product or Service Supplier to charge the Client on spot again or to refuse to provide the Product or Service. It is the Agent‘s responsibility to introduce the Client of the obligations under this clause.

The Agent is entitled to issue his own voucher to his Client. In this case, that voucher must clearly state any information as prescribed in the Voucher received from Hotelston.

Hotelston permits the Agent to use its trademark (for example, Agents logo) on the Voucher, issued to the Client. In such a case, the Agent warrants to Hotelston that Agent either owns or has a valid license to use the trademark on the Voucher and that the use of the trademark will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.

If the Agent cancels a Booking, the Voucher becomes invalid from the moment of cancellation and the Client is not entitled to use it. However, if the Client uses the Voucher of cancelled Booking and Products or Services provider accepts it, such cancelled Booking becomes payable by the Agent and the Agent will be invoiced accordingly.


All Bookings will be settled by the Agent by means of prepayment in full no later than the final payment date (payment due date) specified by Hotelston, unless a specific alternative Agreement has been made between the Agent and Hotelston. The final payment date will be specified both online and/or on the invoice which will be sent to the email address provided by the Agent once the Booking has been made.

The Agent shall pay the amount due for the Booking by bank transfer, or by any other payment method approved by Hotelston. Hotelston will not accept any payments made directly by the Client or other third party.

If the payment has not been received, Hotelston is entitled to cancel the Booking. Any cancellation cost of the Booking will be invoiced to the Agent.

If the Booking is made within Free Cancellation Deadline or if the Booking is a subject to Cancellation Penalty as of the moment of it’s confirmation, the Booking must be paid immediately. If, in this case, the due amount has not been received within 24 (twenty-four) hours after making the Booking, Hotelston has the right to cancel it. Any cancellation costs will be invoiced to the Agent.

All payments must be made in the currency that appears on the Hotelston invoice.

Booking numbers provided by the Reservation System must be included upon payment submission, in order Hotelston could clearly identify the Bookings to which the payment corresponds.

If for any reason the payment might not be received by Hotelston by the payment due date, the Agent must send by email a copy of the payment to Hotelston Customer Support and call the Hotelston Emergency line in case the copy of the payment is sent outside Hotelston working hours (see section Contact Details).

Hotelston will never settle with the Supplier before receiving the payment from the Agent and cannot be held responsible for any consequences taken or not taken by the Supplier because of pending payments.

The Agent is responsible for payment of all bank charges when making payments into the Hotelston’s bank accounts and bank charges incurred to receive the Agent’s payments. Hotelston will not accept any charges from intermediary banks.

Before payment is received in full, Hotelston or the Supplier is not obliged to issue any tickets, confirmations, Vouchers, or other travel documents.

After receiving the payment Hotelston will send the Voucher or other travel documents by email to the Agent.

Hotelston will invoice the Agent for bookings electronically. Invoices shall be issued and sent to the email address provided (specified) by the Agent in no later than 1 (one) week after the Booking Service-end date.



The categorization of the accommodation with stars is used to give a general overview of the quality of the accommodation and approximate level of facilities, services and amenities available. The criteria of these evaluations can vary in each country, depending on the local institution that defines the criteria. In certain countries the categorization with stars is not used for an official evaluation.

Accommodation descriptions in Hotelston Reservation System represent a generalization of all worldwide accepted criteria and can only be used as a guideline source. Hotelston cannot guarantee a particular level of quality or standard of accommodation and is not responsible for the categories and star ratings as these have been provided to Hotelston and accepted in good faith. Hotelston is also not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the accommodation textual description, including, but not limited to contact details (address, coordinates, telephone number, email etc.), range of provided services etc.

Hotel and/or guest room photographs are provided to give a general overview of the accommodation. Guest room photographs may be of a different category to the one the Agent books and not identical to the room Agent’s client(s) are allocated at the accommodation.

Star ratings do not necessarily reflect all the amenities or services that might be available at an Accommodation, and some amenities and features may not be available in every room or at every property with a particular star rating. If there are particular amenities or features that are important to you, please contact Hotelston Customer Support (see section Contact Details) and inquire as to the availability of such amenities or features.


Please note that not all prices displayed on the Hotelston Website or Reservation System are applicable for the local markets. In addition, some other markets may be affected and in such cases the Supplier is within his right to change the price without prior notice.

Agent acknowledges to be aware that the Client nationality declaration is mandatory and must be determined by providing the correct Client nationality at the time of search for Products or Services as well as Booking Request.

This information must be in accordance with the Client’s passport. If the Agent does not specify the Client nationality, the Agent nationality will be taken as Client nationality by default.

Faulty or no declaration may cause unwilling consequences for which Hotelston holds no responsibility. Furthermore, if any financial damage may occur because of faulty or no Client nationality declaration, it will be covered by the Agent towards his Clients and/or Hotelston in full.

11.3. GROUPS

Please note that the Hotelston Reservation System may only be used to book the maximum of 9 Clients in no more than 5 rooms (in the USA, more than 4 rooms are considered as a group) if not stated otherwise. In case of excess of these numbers the Booking shall be classified as a group booking. In such case the Agent must send the group booking request to the Hotelston Customer Support (see section Contact Details).

Hotelston will respond to group requests with either a quotation only or a confirmation of Product or Service with the relevant price. Price offer is strictly subject to availability. In case the size of the group changes, the Booking price may be adjusted for the number of Clients still using the Products or Services.

If Hotelston or Supplier reasonably believes that the Agent have added group bookings to Reservation System by splitting them to make them appear as FIT bookings, Hotelston or Supplier, at their own discretion, may change group Special Booking Terms and Free Cancellation Deadline or may even cancel Bookings the Agent have added using Reservation System. In such cases Cancellation Penalties may apply and the Agent will be liable for these charges.


If the Agent or his Clients have any special requests (for example, dietary requirements, cots or room location) the Agent must specify it during the Reservation Process, or such requests can be sent by email to Hotelston customer support (see section Contact Details) immediately after the Booking Request is made. Hotelston will pass on all such requests to the relevant Supplier. Unfortunately, Hotelston cannot guarantee that such special requests will be met. If the Supplier is unable to meet any such requests, neither Hotelston nor Supplier can have any liability to the Agent of the Client in this respect.


Hotelston will always do its best to ensure that all confirmed Bookings are accepted by the Accommodation Service provider. If for some reason the Booking cannot be honored by Accommodation Service supplier (e.g. accommodation is closed, overbooked, has maintenance problems, cannot provide/honor the room(s) booked, etc.), Hotelston is responsible for finding alternative accommodation of a similar standard to the Client. If the alternative hotel is not acceptable to the Client, the Agent may receive a full refund for the paid Booking and no charges are applied even if the Booking is non-refundable. If an Agent or the Client decides to book an alternative property or the original accommodation at a higher rate by themselves, the conditions of the compensation should be agreed in advance, otherwise the refund of the price difference is not guaranteed.

If the Agent accepts Hotelston offer of the alternative accommodation, he is deemed to waive his right to a refund for the accommodation which cannot be honored by the accommodation supplier.

When Hotelston receives prior notice form the Supplier about the changes of accommodation, Hotelston shall advise the Agent immediately and contact by email, upon receipt of such notice from the Supplier. Hotelston will provide all the support and assistance for the best possible solution, however it cannot be held responsible and accepts no liability for any losses or costs that might occur as a result of relocation as this is completely beyond Hotelston control.



The Agent must provide full details of pick-up and drop-of (address, date and time) at the time of Booking of Transfer Services.

The Client should always follow the instructions of pick-up as it is specified in the Voucher. Hotelston accepts no liability of any nature costs (including but not limited to alternative transportation costs and phone call costs) if the Client fails to appear at the meeting point at the time specified in the Voucher for any reason.

If the Client is being collected from the airport, port or train station and his flight, ship or train is delayed or cancelled, Hotelston recommends contacting the Supplier via the telephone numbers provided on Voucher. Whilst every effort will be made by Suppliers to accommodate changes to services caused by delays outside of Client’s control, this may not always be possible. It may not always be possible for the driver to wait and the Client may have to make alternative travel plans at his own cost locally. If the Supplier is able to accommodate the new arrival time an additional charge may be applied.

If the Client is being collected from the airport and the flight is diverted, Hotelston recommends calling the Hotelston Emergency line (see section Contact Details) as soon as possible as in order Hotelston could assist him in finding alternative transfer arrangements. Please note that neither Hotelston nor the Supplier will be liable to pay for such alternative arrangements.

If the driver and vehicle are not at the designated pick-up location at the time specified in the Voucher Hotelston recommend contacting the relevant Supplier by telephone.

Whilst all reasonable efforts will be made by the Supplier to provide the services properly and comply with the confirmed Booking terms, there is no guarantee that the vehicle and driver will arrive on exact time, nor that it will reach its destination on time.

In some destinations transfer pick-up and drop-off may not be supplied to the hotel door and the Client may be dropped off or picked up at a central point within reasonable walking distance from the destination.

Due to unforeseen circumstances such as roadworks, infrastructure work, severe weather and traffic conditions the pick up and drop off times specified in the Voucher may be affected. Where these restrictions occur, the vehicle will stop and collect passengers from the nearest accessible point to the arrival or destination point specified in Voucher.

Carriage by shared shuttle transfer will only be to and from destinations provided by the Supplier and the Client will not be able to choose the preferred pick-up and drop-off point.

When the return shared shuttle service is booked, the Client may be collected several hours prior to the time he needs to be at an airport, port or train station, depending on local traffic conditions, especially during peak season.


Private Transfer Services are provided from the pick-up point to the final drop-off point specified in Voucher. In case extra stops are required, a local charge may apply and must be paid at the time of the Supplier providing the services.

Supplier reserves the right to refuse to carry any person who is, or appears to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and/or whose behaviour is considered to pose a threat to the driver, the vehicle or the other passengers. No refunds will be made in those circumstances.

Passengers are not allowed to consume alcohol or to smoke in any of the vehicles used to provide the services.

All vehicles provided by the Suppliers are fully insured for passenger and third-party claims, as required by the local law. Passenger’s baggage is, however, carried entirely at their own risk and no responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage by the Supplier of the services. Hotelston strongly advises to arrange appropriate travel insurance that covers a comprehensive range of events including baggage loss or damage.

Hotelston will not accept responsibility for any costs incurred or the making of any arrangements in returning the lost or forgotten items to passengers. Passengers must contact the Transfer Service Supplier for any lost or forgotten items.


Pre-booked services may be booked up to 24 hours before departure, but this may vary by country, route, vehicle type and supplier.


Hotelston will endeavor to ensure that child seats are provided, when they have been requested. Such requests must be provided by sending an email to Hotelston customer support (see section Contact Details) before the arrival. In some cases, the additional charges for the child seat may apply.

Please note, that in case the child seat was not requested before the arrival, it is not automatically added to the reservation and parents (or person accompanying the children and/or infants) must take their own child seat with them. Children must use the correct child seat until they are 135 cm tall or age 12, whichever they reach first. These requirements may vary in certain countries. It is the Agent’s responsibility to ensure that the Client is aware of the local guidelines when travelling with children.

In cases when the child seat is required by local law, but parents (or person accompanied the children and/or infants) does not bring their own child seat and it has not been requested by the Agent, local supplier might request to pay additionally for the child seat or even refuse to carry, if there is no available child seat at that moment.

When shuttle transport services have been arranged, children under the age of 2 can sit on an adult passenger’s lap and there is no service charge for such children. If a child is older than 2 years and requires a seat, he will be charged the full price.

When private transport services have been arranged, all children and infants count towards the occupancy of the vehicle, regardless of age, and this must be included in the total number of passengers at the time of Booking.


In case the Client or a member of his party has any medical problem or disability which may affect the transfer, transport type "Wheelchair Adapted Vehicle" should be chosen during the Reservation Process so that Hotelston can ensure that the correct vehicle is booked to meet Client’s needs. If such transport type doesn’t appear in the results list, please send the request by email.


All baggage must be clearly labelled with the owner’s name and the destination address.

Unless otherwise specified at the time of Booking, each passenger named on the Booking is entitled to have carried with him on the relevant transfers up to 2 items of baggage, i.e. one suitcase which should not exceed 70 cm high x 47 cm wide x 21 cm deep, and one piece of appropriate sized hand luggage.

If a passenger requires carriage of baggage in excess of this allowance or has special baggage objects (e.g. skis, golf clubs, bicycles, snowboards, wheelchairs/scooters etc.) such information must be provided by sending an email to Hotelston customer support (see section Contact Details) before the arrival. Hotelston reserves the right to advise if the vehicle type booked cannot accommodate specified baggage allowance. In these cases, the Client may be required to upgrade vehicle type.

Carriage of any baggage exceeding these specified quantities and/or measurements or carriage of special baggage objects without prior arrangement will be subject to extra charge, or in some cases such baggage may be declined.


When booking a private transfer, this can be any type from a (limited) range of vehicles depending on destination, and Hotelston does not state the exact vehicle type you may receive.

If the Client has any special requests for vehicle type, such a request must be provided by sending an email to Hotelston customer support (see section Contact Details). Hotelston will endeavor to pass on all such requests to the Supplier, however Hotelston cannot guarantee that they will be met. Hotelston shall not be liable if such requests are not met.


Hotelston will inform the Agent as soon as reasonably possible if the Supplier needs to make a significant change to confirmed Transfer Services or to cancel them. It is the Agent’s responsibility to inform the Client about such changes or cancellation. Hotelston will use all reasonable efforts to find alternative suitable Transfer Services for the Client at no extra cost, but Hotelston will have no further liability because of such change or cancellation.


In case the Client would be refused at check-in or whenever the Client is asked to pay directly to the Supplier for the services listed on the Voucher, the Agent or the Client shall immediately contact Hotelston’s emergency number which is provided in the Voucher. The emergency number is also publicly available on the Website. Hotelston Customer Support will assist and try to solve the matter.

Hotelston emails (including Customer Support email) are only monitored during office working hours (see section Contact Details). If Agent contacts Hotelston by email during non working hours with an urgent case it is Agent’s responsibility to call the Hotelston emergency number to inform about an issue. Otherwise no complaints are going to be accepted later.

In case the Client is charged by the Supplier for the services which are already included in the Voucher, all receipts and/or other proof of payment must be collected and submitted to Hotelston for a claim and request of refund or adjustment.

In case the Agent or the Client fails to contact Hotelston emergency number, no refund can be claimed, as Hotelston was not given the chance to solve the matter and it may be that late cancellation or no-show charges apply.


Any Complaints about improper Products or Services should be brought to the attention of the Product or Service supplier on the spot. In case the problem has not been satisfactorily solved during the time the Product or Service is being used, the Agent must send the complaint with all relevant correspondence to Hotelston in writing. Hotelston will not, in any event, handle any complaint that was not brought to the attention of the Supplier or Hotelston during the time the Product or Service being used and Hotelston will not deal with any complaints received later than 15 (fifteen) days after Service-end date.

Hotelston only accepts complaints that are sent in writing by email to Hotelston Customer Support (see section Contact Details) and which are accompanied by a written proof that the problem was reported on the spot to the Supplier’s management.

In case of complaints, the Agent is not authorized to discount any payable amount to Hotelston, unless written consent from Hotelston has been obtained.


The Agent is fully responsible for all Bookings made in Hotelston Reservation System using his Access Codes, therefore Hotelston will not accept any direct communication with Clients and will refer them back to the Agent, unless stated otherwise in these Terms & Conditions.

The Agent must forward immediately to Hotelston any communication or correspondence received from the Client and must forward immediately to the Client any communication or correspondence received from Hotelston.

The Agent will be liable for any loss or third party claim, including cancellation charges Hotelston may incur as a result of any incomplete or inaccurate details in the Booking that the Agent has added to Reservation System or the Booking information that the Agent has sent to Hotelston to reserve on the Agent‘s behalf.

Hotelston has no responsibility for losses or accidental expenses due to delay or changes in transport schedules, defaults or overbooking by airlines, sickness, Force Majeure Events or any other causes that are beyond Hotelston’s and the Supplier’s control. All such losses or expenses are the Client’s responsibility. Hotelston strongly recommends buying appropriate private insurance prior to a trip.

It is the Agent’s responsibility to inform the Client about the content of these Terms & Conditions and to include the following points in his agreement with the Client, i.e. booking, modification and cancellation conditions, prices, vouchers, emergency support, complaints, Hotelston’s responsibilities and liability, the Client’s responsibility and etc. The Agent agrees to exempt Hotelston and all its legal entities from all claims of the Client in case of failure of this duty.


Travel documents, including visas, as well as the compliance with customs regulations, are the Client’s and its party’s responsibility. Hotelston shall not be liable for costs incurred by Clients not carrying proper travel documentation.

In case the Client or any member of its party behave in an inappropriate manner or cause damage, distress, offence or injuries to others or if the Client’s actions risk damage to persons or property of others including the Supplier or third parties, the Client will bear the full consequences and costs of eventual actions taken against the Client by Hotelston, the Supplier or legal authorities.

Should Hotelston be held liable for any costs, damages, fines, fees etc. as a consequence of the Client’s or a member of its party’s inappropriate actions by the supplier or third parties (including legal authorities), the Client shall fully indemnify and hold Hotelston harmless from any of such claims (including legal fees incurred by Hotelston in order to defend itself).


Hotelston will process personal data of the following data subjects related to the Agent: contact person of the Agent listed as such in the registration form, other representatives of the Agent who have an account of the Reservation System (users of the Reservation System), Clients

For the purpose of creating the Agent’s account in the Reservation System, Hotelston will process the following personal data of the contact person of the Agent: name, surname, e-mail, phone number, the company represented (the employer), date and time of creation of the account. Legal basis for the processing of the personal data – performance of the Agreement. Personal data processed for this purpose shall be stored by the Controller until the deletion of the account (account is automatically deleted upon the termination of the Agreement).

For the purpose of creating a user account in the Reservation System Hotelston will process the following personal data of the user of the account: name, surname, e-mail, phone number, the company represented (the employer), rights granted, date and time of creation of the account. Legal basis for the processing of the personal data – performance of Agreement. Personal data processed for this purpose shall be stored by Hotelston until the deletion of the account (account is automatically deleted upon the termination of the Agreement). The account shall also be deleted upon the request of the Agent or in the event the user does not sign-in to the account for at least 5 years.

For the purpose of making a search in the Reservation System, Hotelston processes the following personal data of the user: name, surname, company represented (the employer), date, time of a search, criteria for the search (country, city, dates of stay, nationality of the User, type of room, additional services, etc.), results of a search. Legal basis for the processing of the personal data – performance of the Agreement. Personal data processed for this purpose shall be stored by the Controller for 6 months after the end of the semester the search has been conducted. At the end of the term data is anonymized (remains associated only with the Agent and not with the representative of the Agent).

For the purpose of making a booking in Reservation System the Controller processes the following personal data of a user: name, surname, company represented (the employer), data and time the order was placed, criteria for the search (country, city, dates of stay, nationality of an end user, type of room, additional services, etc.), results of a search. Legal basis for the processing of the personal data – performance of the Agreement. Personal data processed for this purpose shall be stored by the Controller for 6 months after the end of the semester the search has been conducted. At the end of the term data is anonymized (remains associated only with the Agent and not with the representative of the Agent)

For the purpose of making a booking in the Reservation System the Controller processes the following personal data of the end user: name, surname, date and time the order was placed, type of the booked service (accommodation / transfer services), the provider of the booked service and other details of the booking. Legal basis for the processing of the personal data – performance of the Agreement. Personal data processed for this purpose shall be stored by the Controller for 6 months after the end of the semester the search has been conducted. At the end of the term data is anonymized (remains associated only with the Agent and not with the User). The Agent undertakes to inform The Users on the processing of their personal data and to do so in accordance with the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation.

Personal data of the Users and representatives of the Agent may be transferred to our partners, including partners, established outside the EAA when such transfer is necessary for the performance of a contract.

Data subjects (employees of the Agent and Clients) have the right to access to their personal data, the right to have inaccurate personal data rectified, the right to erasure, the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability, the right to object to processing, the right to complain to the State Data Protection Inspectorate. Information on exercising the rights specified is provided in the privacy policy link to privacy policy.


These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Spain.

Parties agree that all disputes arising out of or relating to these Terms & Conditions shall be settled in the corresponding court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Kingdom of Spain.


Please use the following email addresses for the correspondence with Hotelston: - general info, reservations and customer support - invoices, payments and other accounting questions - IT support

You can also find a full contact list and Hotelston office working hours on the Hotelston Website:

If there is a discrepancy between the contact information in these Terms & Conditions and the information on the Hotelston Website, please refer to the contact information on the Website.

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